Performances at shows and events!

We are available as a couple or as the Tango Sueño Performance Group. Tango Sueño offers stage tango instruction privately as well as on Wednesdays in Norwalk.

We can also teach your guests in a private group lesson that will have everyone dancing!

Call (203) 543 8099 or email Gem for details.

Dale and Gem performing at the Rhythm club performance at a wedding

What is new?

CTNow video feature

2015 CT Tango Fest opening Milonga was featured on CTNow, a sister publication of Hartford Courant. The video exceprts show various dancers during the pre-milonga class as well as Gem Duras and Dale Ellison performing and teaching.

recent performance videos


Gem Duras and Dale Ellison perform in Charleston, SC


Gem Duras and Sarah Bell perform in Milford, CT


Gem Duras and Dale Ellison perform in Charleston, SC


Gem Duras and Linda Mejia perform in Wilton, CT


Gem Duras and Dale Ellison perform to Paris, Texas at Vitti's Dance Studio


Gem Duras and Valentina Molina perform at the Crystal Theater


Dale and Gem's performance for Yale Tango Club in New Haven in 2009


Tango Sueño Performance Group at the 2011 CT Tango Fest


Dale and Gem's performance at the Rhythm Club in Norwalk, CT